kimberly Wade


Kimberly Wade

Kimberly Wade is a distinguished real estate professional based in Winter Park, Florida, renowned for her exceptional ability to sell homes where others have not succeeded. With a rich background as a corporate executive and experience working in Congress, Kimberly brings unparalleled negotiation and communication skills to the table. Her academic achievements, including a master's degree in accounting, further enhance her analytical and strategic thinking capabilities. Kimberly's persistence, coupled with her comprehensive understanding of the real estate market, ensures that her clients always secure the best possible outcomes for their properties. Trust Kimberly to navigate the complexities of your real estate transactions with expertise and dedication.



After months on the market with another agent, Kimberly Wade transformed our selling experience. Her strategic approach and negotiation skills quickly sold our home for top dollar. We're thrilled with the results and professionalism Kimberly brought to the table.

Trying to sell our home on our own was overwhelming. Kimberly changed everything for us. She effortlessly took over, removing the stress and complexity of the process. Remarkably, she sold our home for more than we'd hoped to get by ourselves. Her expertise not only made selling seamless but also significantly more profitable. Kimberly was truly a LIFE SAVER.

Kimberly was a game-changer for selling my investment property. Her precise market analysis and targeted marketing led to a quick sale. Her expertise, especially in finance and negotiations, is unmatched. Highly recommend for those seeking top dollar!

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